5 Types of Kurtis Every Fashionista Should Own

Not quite sure about the types of kurtis available out there? We can help you out. If you’ve not yet made up your mind about what to put on for your next party, here are a few Kurti options you may want to consider.

Straight Long Kurti with Leggings

Who says straight long kurtis are out of fashion? That’s obviously not true. Simply team it up with a legging, and you are good to go. Wear it at work or flaunt it at a casual get-to-gather. Classic yet stylish – that’s how you can rightly define the combination. And of course, flats go well with a combination like this one.

Presently, long Kurtis with floral prints and embroidered designs are the ‘talk of the town’. So, if you plan to add up something new to your wardrobe, a straight long Kurti would turn out to be a perfect pick.

Indo Western Kurti With Drapes

Meant for every season, every occasion, Draped kurtis are meant to offer you a perfect Indo-Western look. Unlike a standard regular Kurti, this one is a bit too stylish and therefore is best suited for a party or a wedding. Draped kurtis are a hot favourite among those looking for a unique yet a trendy Indo-western outfit. Pair it up with skin tight leggings and you are all set to dazzle up at your late-night party.

A Kurti Palazzo Set

Trendy yet different – These aren’t the ones you would prefer for a late night party, but definitely turn out to be a perfect office-wear for the weekend. Just like the name suggests, a Kurti palazzo is a combination of a standard ‘Kurti’ and a ‘Palazzo Pant’. The pant consists of extremely wide legs that gracefully flare out from the waist. The flowing fabric makes it a perfect wear for a hot sunny day. So, if you are moving out on a Sunday afternoon, make sure to put on one of these casual yet trendy-looking Kurtis.

Short Kurti with Cigarette Pants

Weird combination? Definitely not. A cigarette pant is meant to add a touch of elegance to your Indian look. Pair them up with a stylish short, knee-length kurti. You may either want to pick between a contrast cropped cigarette pant or one with a single colour. But, make sure it rightly complements the Kurti you choose.

A girly floral long classic Anarkali Kurti

When it comes to Anarkali Kurtis, you have a good number of options to choose from. However, if you are looking for something that’s elegant and a bit dazzling, you might want to opt for a girly floral long classic Anarkali Kurti. But, make sure to avoid one with a too heavy fabric.

An Anarkali Kurti turns out to be a perfect Festive wear. But, to be honest, you definitely don’t need an occasion to flaunt a stylishly designed kurti.

With that being said, you have a whole bunch of Kurti types too choose from. And trust me; you are sure to look fabulous no matter which one you pick. The ones listed above are just a few of them. A further research is sure to leave you with a few more options, and here at Fashion Tribe, you are sure to find them all. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve got you covered.