Fashion Tribe – Where Style is Redefined

Since the day Fashion Tribe was incepted, my prime objective was to offer women the best in fashion, in fact something that’s different yet elegant and makes one stand out from the rest. But, isn’t that something that every other brand would claim, you may ask. Of course it is, but what sets us apart is our ability to offer a lot more than what one desires.


I and my wife Saumya Menon have pursued our training from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. The unending desire to create innovate apparel designs finally led us to build Fashion Tribe. Our designs have been showcased at some of the most popular exhibitions by Times of India and Hiranandani.


We entered the business when fashionable kurtis were not even close to being a style statement. In fact, the western wear largely dominated the fashion market. But, that wasn’t something that would deter us from sticking to our roots and offering the world the best of the Indian culture. So, we decided to revolutionize kurtis and set a trend that’s far from fading away.


By introducing Fashion Tribe, our prime motive was to reach out to wholesalers and offer them the most innovative fashion apparels. Thanks to our highly experienced team of designers that constantly works towards reinventing fashion with brand new designs. As a result, Fashion Tribe has succeeded in setting up an extensive wholesaler network across India. One of the major factors that set us apart from our competitors is our ability to offer wholesalers the fashion of the future, in easy words, a trend that is sure to dominate the future market.


But, why should you be choosing Fashion Tribe? Well, here’s why. We don’t just offer you something that’s trendy but in fact plan to bring to your table a trend that is expected to cause a wave among fashion enthusiasts in the days to come. So, in easy words, fashion tribe helps you stay well ahead of time when it comes to fashion.


Now, that you know what Fashion Tribe is all about, let me give you a brief overview of our offerings. All our designs are a perfect blend of comfort, elegance and style. Our premium brand ‘Gulabo’ comprises of the following 3 exclusive categories, each meant for a specific occasion.


Gulabo Premium – Meant for a party or a wedding, this category consists of exquisite embroidery and details.

Gulabo Essentials – Specifically designed for working women, these are stylish yet comfortable.

Gulabo Casuals – For those who prefer indo-western, semi-casual, daily wear.


Note that every product under ‘Gulabo’ is a result of an extensive research. We don’t just design the apparels, but also observe the latest trends based upon which we start working on the designs that rightly fit their tastes. Above all, our collection is regularly updated with brand new designs. As a result, one is sure to find something based on his/her personal choice.


So, to put it all in easy words, we don’t just offer the best in fashion, but always try to keep you a step ahead.