Fashion Tribe Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of finest signature ethnic wear. Unlike other brands that merely make claims, we promise to offer you exactly what you are looking for. Listed below are a few aspects that set us apart from the rest.

Fashion Tribe Pvt. Ltd comprises of a vertically integrated manufacturing set up, involved in the manufacture of the finest quality signature ethnic wear in a state-of-the art production facility. 

From fabric-printing to embroidery works, Fashion Tribe takes pride in being able to efficiently deal with every single process involved in the manufacturing process. 

At Fashion Tribe, we have set up a CAD-Integrated Market Planner that facilitates efficiency and accuracy during the process. 

We have an experienced team of technically skilled masters and managers overseeing all the stages involved in the manufacturing process. 

We do not rely on machines that require high manual intervention. The stitching unit is well-equipped with highly sophisticated sewing machines imported from the international markets. Moreover, a well-equipped machine embroidery unit guarantees the finest quality embroidery works. Fashion Tribe has also outsourced more than 20 computer embroidery machines with an intention to further add up efficiency to the process. 

We also have a robust quality team onboard responsible for setting up the parameters necessary to maintain the desired quality. As a result, this leaves no room for inefficiency. 

Constantly expanding our presence in the market is a highly experienced marketing team that makes consistent efforts towards enhancing the brand visibility to every corner of the country, thus making quality apparel accessible to all. Working in line with our marketing team are our finance professionals who ensure efficient distribution of finances within the organization. All of our marketing and finance professionals are MBA or BTech graduates, which means we have the best talent onboard. 

When it comes to designs, we only offer the best. Our team consists of professional NIFT designers who carry a good amount of experience in the field. We do not rely on design references but instead use creativity to create original designs, ones that cannot be found elsewhere. 

We at Fashion Tribe prefer staying a step ahead of the ‘Latest Fashion Trends’. As a result, we make constant efforts towards creating designs that are innovative and rightly define the trend of tomorrow.